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Spectrum Corporate Resources is a prominent player in the realm of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), functioning as a seasoned intermediary and advisory firm. Specializing in catering to middle-market companies, Spectrum plays a pivotal role in facilitating  strategic transactions that reshape the corporate landscape. With a comprehensive suite of M&A services and offerings, the firm has positioned itself as a trusted partner for businesses navigating the intricate landscape of mergers and acquisitions.

At the core of Spectrum Corporate Resources' expertise is its role as a merger and acquisition intermediary. Acting as a bridge between buyers and sellers, the firm facilitate seamless transactions by leveraging its industry knowledge, network, and negotiation skills. This intermediary function is crucial in the middle-market segment, where complexities are abundant, and a nuanced understanding of both parties' needs is paramount.

One of Spectrum Corporate Resources key strengths lies in its ability to tailor its services to the unique demands of middle-market companies. Unlike larger corporations, middle-market businesses often require a more personalized approach that takes into account their specific challenges, growth potential, and organizational nuances. Spectrum's team of seasoned professionals understands these intricacies and crafts bespoke solutions that align with the strategic objectives of its clients.

The various of services offered by the firm emcompasses the entire M&A lifecycle. From initial valuation and deal structuring to due diligence, negotiations, and post transaction integration, Spectrum ensures a comprehensive and cohesive approach. This end-to-end service model is designed to provide clients with an impeccable experience, minimizing disruptions and optimizing value creation throughout the M&A process.

In addition to its intermediary role Spectrum Corporate Resources distinguishes itself through its advisory services. The firm's seasoned, certified and licensed experts offer strategic guidance to clients contemplating mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures. This advisory function extends beyond the transaction itself, encompassing long-term strategic planning, market analysis, and portfolio optimization. Spectrum Corporate Resources' advisory services are aimed at empowering clients with the insights needed to make informed decisions that align with their corporate objectives.

The firm's commitment to excellence is reflected in its team of professionals, comprising industry experts, financial analysts, and legal advisors. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that Spectrum Corporate Resources can address the adverse facets of M&A transactions, providing clients with a holistic and well-informed perspective.

Spectrum Corporate Resources success is further underscored by its track record facilitating successful transactions across several industries. Whether navigating the complexities of a cross-border deal or orchestrating a merger within a specific sector, the firm's adaptability and expertise shine through. This proven track record instills confidence in clients, reinforcing Spectrum Corporate Resources' standing as a go-to-partner in the competitive landscape of mergers and acquisitions.

Spectrum Corporate Resources stands as a formidable force in the realm of mergers and acquisitions. As a dedicated intermediary and advisory firm for middle-market companies, Spectrum Corporate Resources comprehensive suite of services, industry expertise, and commitment to client success position it as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of strategic transactions.

Strategic Planning


Strategic goals, whether cost reduction, market expansion, or technology integration, guide decisionmaking. Effective communication with stakeholders is crucial to manage expectations and mitigate resistance. Legal, financial, and cultural aspects are evaluated to ensure a seamless integration process. Flexibility and adaptability are key as unforeseen challenges may arise. The ultimate aim is to create unified entity that is stronger, more competitive, and strategically positioned for sustained growth in the evolving market landscape.

Executive Coaching


Corporate executives  engaged in M&A activities often face unique challenges, including cultural integration, strategic alignment, and personnel management. M&A Professional in this field provide personalized guidance to help executives develop the necessary skills and mindset to lead successful transitions. They focus on fostering effective communication, strategic decisionmaking, and change management, enabling leaders to navigate the intricacies of M&A transactions with confidence. Through tailored coaching sessions, executives can enhance their leadership capabilities, adapt to new organizational structures, and drive post-merger success. This specialized equips M&A leaders with the toolss and insights needed to navigate the dynamic and demanding environment inherent in corporate transactions.

Leadership Development


involved in corporate mergers and acquisitions. These programs are designed to help executive leaders integrate acquired entities, foster cultural alignment, and drive post merger success.

By partnering with Spectrum Corporate Resources, leaders engaged in M&A can access valuable resources and support to strengthen their leadership capabilities and ensure the success of complex corporate transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Spectrum Corporate Resources is a merger and acquisition intermediary and advisory firm that sponsors a network of professional intermediaries and valuation experts to facilitate your company's merger/acquisition activity. Spectrum's Affiliates offer you proven professional programs, customized to meet your specific goals and company objectives. Spectrum provides a range of specialized professional services to middle market manufacturing, distribution, service, and retail companies. Spectrum offers a high level of service typically found in much larger investment banks and M&A firms at suprisingly affordable service fees.

We believe that middle market companies with revenues from $2 million to $100 million, which comprise our customer base, need and deserve the same level of service that large firms can access. We are an affordable critical corporate development resource that allows our clients to level the playing field with large competitors.

Since 1989 the Spectrum team has successfully offered client companies an exceptional blend of "street smart" deal-making, financial expertise and professional integrity.

Spectrum is affiliated with DEALFORCE, a national network of investment banking firms managed by MergerNetwork, and M&A SOURCE, the world's largest international organization of experienced mergers & acquisition intermediaries representing middle-market companies. These affiliations provide traffic professional relationships, continuing education, enhanced deal-making capabilities, and, combined with this website, assure Spectrum clients peerless professional representation in the international marketplace.

Seller Representation

Beginning with an in-depth business and industry analysis, and guided by the principals' goals and objectives. We focus on maximizing shareholder value by uncovering the hidden values and intangible assets not always presented on financial statements. Whether a negotiated private sale or a controlled auction, the Spectrum Thirteen Step Process assures the Seller of absolute confidentiality, total security, minimum time on market and the highest possible price.

Strategic Equity Partnering

Arranging strategic equity and operating partnerships that provide increased capacity for synergistic and profitable growth. We look for compatibilities both in market served and corporate culture in order to achieve a win-win marriage.

Management Buyout Services

Designing and sourcing necessary funds for management takeovers, including negotiating and deal structuring for a succesful buyout. Knowing how to leverage balance sheets and to improve capitalization turns dreams into realities.

Professional Staff

  • Jack R. Sanders  CBA CM&AA CMEA CVA Managing Director

  • John L. Bates   Founder

  • Maria Caudle CMAP CVA EECA Vice President

  • Lance Schmidt  CVA CBB

  • Ann Harned  Technology Manager

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